Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley ( وادیِ نیلم ‎) is the best natural place in the Pakistan. It is a 200 km long bow-shaped deeply forested region in Azad Kashmir.
The valley is situated in the North & North-East of Muzaffarabad, running parallel to Kaghan Valley. The two valleys are only separated by snow-covered peaks, some over 4,000 meters (13,000 ft) above sea level.  The valley possesses scenic beauty, panoramic views, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelam river, lush green forests, enchanting streams and attractive surroundings. The valley tops the best natural places in Pakistan.

To read more about the valley, read Javed Chaudhary’s personal experience here 

Chicken Ginger Rice


Chicken breast 1 (cut into finger strips)
Salt 1/4 tsp
Ginger paste 1 tsp
Oil 1/2 Cup
Rice 250 gram (Boil them)
Yogurt 1/2 Cup
Mint, Coriander 1/2 Cup Chopped
Green Chillies 7-8
Onion 1
Black pepper 1 tsp
Vinegar 1 tbsp
Soya sauce 1 tbsp
Eggs 2 scrambled
Ginger 1 tbsp thinly cut
 Ajino 1 tsp


  1. Marinate chicken in Ginger paste and the salt for about 1/2 hour
  2. Blend the coriander, mint, ginger paste, green chillies and yoghurt to make the paste.
  3. Heat the oil and add yoghurt paste, ajino, pepper and fry chicken.
  4. Add rice (boiled) then give onion-ginger tarka and add soya sauce after tarka.
  5. Leave it on low heat for 10 minutes. Mix scambled eggs in the end.




If you want to see natural beauty in life, you must visit Sakardu and its valleys once. Skardu is capital of Baltistan in the backdrop of the great peaks of the Karakorams. It borders on the Chinese province of Xinjiang and Indian-occupied Kashmir. The tourist season is from April to October. The maximum temperature is 27 C and minimum (October) 8 C. Apart from its incomparable cluster of mountain peaks and glaciers Baltistan’s five valleys are noted for their luscious peaches, apricots, apples and pears.

Skardu is linked to the national capital, Islamabad by PIA, which operates one flight daily. The air journey is full of thrills and would itself be regarded as the highlight of the visit. After following the same air route, which connects Gilgit to Islamabad/Rawalpindi, the plane turns right and flies over the gorge of the Indus River.

There are three lakes in the near Skardu; Upper Kachura lake, Lower Kachura Lake (also known as Shangrila Lake) and Sadpara Lake.

For further reading see

Recently Javed Chaudhary also mentioned skardu on one of his articles. Urdu readers will get an idea from it.

Election 2013 Results

See Pakistan general election 2013 results. To see list of districts in each province click to expand the node. Click on the district to see constituency wise results in each district.



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Islamabad Capital Territory

See district wise list of national assembly constituencies. Click on the constituency to see the candidates contesting elections from that constituency.

NA-1 Peshawar I NA-2 Peshawar-II
NA-3 Peshawar-III NA-4 Peshawar-IV
NA-5 Nowshera-I NA-6 Nowshera-II
NA-7 Charsadda-I NA-8 Charsadda-II
NA-9 Mardan-I NA-10 Mardan-II
NA-11 Mardan-III NA-12 Swabi-I
NA-13 Swabi-II NA-14 Kohat
NA-15 Karak NA-16 Hangu
NA-17 Abbottabad-I NA-18 Abbottabad-II
NA-19 Haripur NA-20 Mansehra-I
NA-21 Mansehra-II NA-22 Batagram
NA-23 Kohistan NA-24 D.I. Khan
NA-25 D.I. Khan-cum- Tank NA-26 Bannu
NA-27 Lakki Marwat NA-28 Bunair
NA-29 Swat-I NA-30 Swat-II
NA-31 Shanglapar NA-32 Chitral
NA-33 Upper Dir NA-34 Lower Dir
NA-35 Malakand NA-36 Tribal Area-I
NA-37 Tribal Area-II NA-38 Tribal Area-III
NA-39 Tribal Area-IV NA-40 Tribal Area-V
NA-41 Tribal Area-VI NA-42 Tribal Area-VII
NA-43 Tribal Area-VIII NA-44 Tribal Area-IX
NA-45 Tribal Area-X NA-46 Tribal Area-XI
NA-47 Tribal Area-XII NA-48 Islamabad-I
NA-49 Islamabad-II NA-50 Rawalpindi-I
NA-51 Rawalpindi-II NA-52 Rawalpindi-III
NA-53 Rawalpindi-IV NA-54 Rawalpindi-V
NA-55 Rawalpindi-VI NA-56 Rawalpindi-VII
NA-57 Attock-I NA-58 Attock-II
NA-59 Attock-III NA-60 Chakwal-I
NA-61 Chakwal-II NA-62 Jhelum-I
NA-63 Jhelum-II NA-64 Sargodha-I
NA-65 Sargodha-II NA-66 Sargodha-III
NA-67 Sargodha-IV NA-68 Sargodha-V
NA-69 Khushab- I NA-70 Khushab- II
NA-71 Mianwali-I NA-72 Mianwali-II
NA-73 Bhakkar- I NA-74 Bhakkar- II
NA-75 Faisalabad-I NA-76 Faisalabad- II
NA-77 Faisalabad- III NA-78 Faisalabad-IV
NA-79 Faisalabad-V NA-80 Faisalabad-VI
NA-81 Faisalabad-VII NA-82 Faisalabad-VIII
NA-83 Faisalabad-IX NA-84 Faisalabad-X
NA-85 Faisalabad-XI NA-86 Jhang-I
NA-87 Jhang-II NA-88 Jhang-III
NA-89 Jhang-IV NA-90 Jhang-V
NA-91 Jhang-VI NA-92 Toba Tek Singh- I
NA-93 Toba Tek Singh- II NA-94 Toba Tek Singh- III
NA-95 Gujranwala-I NA-96 Gujranwala-II
NA-97 Gujranwala-III NA-98 Gujranwala-IV
NA-99 Gujranwala-V NA-100 Gujranwala-VI
NA-101 Gujranwala-VII NA-102 Hafizabad-I
NA-103 Hafizabad-II NA-104 Gujrat-I
NA-105 Gujrat-II NA-106 Gujrat-III
NA-107 Gujrat-IV NA-108 M.B. Din-I
NA-109 M.B. Din-II NA-110 Sialkot-I
NA-111 Sialkot-II NA-112 Sialkot-III
NA-113 Sialkot-IV NA-114 Sialkot-V
NA-115 Norowal-I NA-116 Norowal-II
NA-117 Norowal-III NA-118 Lahore-I
NA-119 Lahore-II NA-120 Lahore-III
NA-121 Lahore-IV NA-122 Lahore-V
NA-123 Lahore-VI NA-124 Lahore-VII
NA-125 Lahore-VIII NA-126 Lahore-IX
NA-127 Lahore-X NA-128 Lahore-XI
NA-129 Lahore-XII NA-130 Lahore-XIII
NA-131 Sheikhupura-I NA-132 Sheikhupura-II
NA-133 Sheikhupura-III NA-134 Sheikhupura-IV
NA-135 Nankana Sahib-I NA-136 Nankana Sahib-II
NA-137 Nankana Sahib-III NA-138 Kasur-I
NA-139 Kasur-II NA-140 Kasur-III
NA-141 Kasur-IV NA-142 Kasur-V
NA-143 Okara-I NA-144 Okara-II
NA-145 Okara-III NA-146 Okara-IV
NA-147 Okara-V NA-148 Multan-I
NA-149 Multan-II NA-150 Multan-III
NA-151 Multan-IV NA-152 Multan-V
NA-153 Multan-VI NA-154 Lodhran-I
NA-155 Lodhran-II NA-156 Khanewal-I
NA-157 Khanewal-II NA-158 Khanewal-III
NA-159 Khanewal-IV NA-160 Sahiwal-I
NA-161 Sahiwal-II NA-162 Sahiwal-III
NA-163 Sahiwal-IV NA-164 Pakpatan-I
NA-165 Pakpatan-II NA-166 Pakpatan-III
NA-167 Vehari-I NA-168 Vehari-II
NA-169 Vehari-III NA-170 Vehari-IV
NA-171 D.G. Khan-I NA-172 D.G. Khan-II
NA-173 D.G. Khan-III NA-174 Rajanpur-I
NA-175 Rajanpur-II NA-176 Muzaffargarh-I
NA-177 Muzaffargarh-II NA-178 Muzaffargarh-III
NA-179 Muzaffargarh-IV NA-180 Muzaffargarh-V
NA-181 Layyah-I NA-182 Layyah-II
NA-183 Bahawalpur-I NA-184 Bahawalpur-II
NA-185 Bahawalpur-III NA-186 Bahawalpur-IV
NA-187 Bahawalpur-V NA-188 Bahawalnagar-I
NA-189 Bahawalnagar-II NA-190 Bahawalnagar-III
NA-191 Bahawalnagar-IV NA-192 Rahiimyar Khan-I
NA-193 Rahiimyar Khan-II NA-194 Rahiimyar Khan-III
NA-195 Rahiimyar Khan-IV NA-196 Rahiimyar Khan-V
NA-197 Rahiimyar Khan-VI NA-198 Sukkur-I
NA-199 Sukkur-II NA-200 Ghotki-I
NA-201 Ghotki-II NA-202 Shikarpur- I
NA-203 Shikarpur-II NA-204 Larkana-I
NA-205 Larkana-II NA-206 Larkana-III
NA-207 Larkana-IV NA-208 Jacobabad- I
NA-209 Jacobabad- II NA-210 Kashmore
NA-211 Naushero NA-212 NausheroFeroze-II
NA-213 Nawabshah-I NA-214 Nawabshah-I
NA-215 Khairpur-I NA-216 Khairpur-II
NA-217 Khairpur-III NA-218 Matiari-cum-Hyderabad
NA-219 Hyderabad-I (Old Hyderabad-II) NA-220 Hyderabad-II (Old Hyderabad-III)
NA-221 Hyderabad-IV NA-222 Hyderabad-V
NA-223 Hyderabad-VI NA-224 Badin-cum-Tando
NA-225 Badin-II NA-226 Mirpurkhas-cum-Umerkot(I)
NA-227 Mirpurkhas-II NA-228 Sindh
NA-229 Tharparkar-I NA-230 Tharparkar-II
NA-231 Jamshoro NA-232 Dadu-II
NA-233 Dadu-III NA-234 Sanghar-I
NA-235 Sanghar-cum-Mirpurkhas-cum-Umerkot NA-236 Sanghar-II
NA-237 Thatta-I NA-238 Thatta-II
NA-239 Karachi-I NA-240 Karachi-II
NA-241 Karachi-III NA-242 Karachi-IV
NA-243 Karachi-V NA-244 Karachi-VI
NA-245 Karachi-VII NA-246 Karachi-VIII
NA-247 Karachi-IX NA-248 Karachi-X
NA-249 Karachi-XI NA-250 Karachi-XII
NA-251 Karachi-XIII NA-252 Karachi-XIV
NA-253 Karachi-XV NA-254 Karachi-XVI
NA-255 Karachi-XVII NA-256 Karachi-XVIII
NA-257 Karachi-XIX NA-258 Karachi-XX
NA-259 Quetta NA-260 Quetta Chaaghi
NA-261 Pashin NA-262 Qilla Abdullah
NA-263 Loralai NA-264 Zhob-cum-Sherani-cum-Killa Saifullah
NA-265 Dera Bugti/Kohlu NA-266 Nasirabad
NA-267 Bolan NA-268 Kalat-cum-Mastung
NA-269 Khuzdar NA-270 Lasbela/Awaran
NA-271 Kharan NA-272 Kech-cum-Gwadar


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